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Tournament Rules

1.  Hockey Rules: USA Hockey playing rules shall prevail unless noted otherwise. All teams must be properly registered with USA Hockey and present an official roster at registration.

2.    Rosters: Must be submitted to a Loyola Hockey Club Tournament Official prior to the tournament. Rosters shall include the players name, jersey number, position and year in school. Double rostering of varsity players on the JV roster will not be allowed and will result in the offending team forfeiting that game.

3.     All Teams are expected to play all of their scheduled games.

4.   Game Sheets will be prepared in advance by tournament officials. Each team will be responsible for checking them for accuracy.

5.   Periods: Three 17 minute stop time periods will be played for all varsity. Three 14 minute stop time periods will be played in all Varsity2 and JV games unless otherwise noted in #16.

6.  Players Bench: A maximum of 20 players with no more than 18 skaters. Only team players and a maximum of 4 team officials are permitted on the player’s bench.

7.   Pre Game Warm Up: Will be 5 minutes for all games. There will be a 1 minute rest break between periods when the ice is not being resurfaced. Ice will be cleaned before each game and again after the second period. Teams may return the locker room when ice is being resurfaced. Teams are asked to be prompt taking the ice before the game begins and after resurfacing. Every effort will be made to keep the tournament on schedule.

8.     Points: Will be awarded as follow: Win-2 points; Tie-1 point; Loss=0 points.

9.   Semi finals: The pairing of the teams will be the winners of the four divisions: Gold vs. Silver, Maroon vs. White.

10.   Division standings: Will be determined by total points. In case of a ties, standings will be determined as follows:

a.     The total points acquired in any head-to-head competition. NOTE: If a team forfeits any game, the forfeit shall be recorded as a 1-0 victory for the opposing team.

b.     Fewest Goals allowed in games.

C   Best +/-differential, goal quotient(a 6-4win) quotient=.600 6/10

D  Fewest penalty minutes

E     If the teams remain tied based upon the formula above, the tournament committee will flip a coin to determine the team advancing to the semi-final game.

11.   Overtime: There will be no overtime periods in the divisional round robin play. If teams are tied in the championship or semi-final games after three periods, overtime sudden death victory will apply using a 5 minute period as follows: a) 1st overtime: goalie + 5 skaters, b) 2nd overtime: goalie + 4 skaters, c) 3rd overtime: goalie + 3 skaters. Five minute overtimes using format “c” above will be used if the teams remain tied after the 3rd overtime and continue until a winner is decided. No resurfacing will occur during overtime play. No team will skate with less than 3 skaters on the ice. All penalties that are carried over from regulation or that are called in overtime warrants the penalized team to be shorthanded by one (or more) players with no fewer than three skaters on the ice.

12.   3rd and 4th place: No consolation games. The 3rd and 4th place teams will be determined by the number of goals scored during their semi-final game. The team scoring the most goals in a loosing effort will be the 3rd place winner. If a tie in goals exists, the team allowing the fewest goals in the semi-final game shall be the third place winner.

13.   Officials: All  Varsity games  through and  including the finals will utilize a 3-person officiating crew .   Varsity2 and JV divisions will have a 2-person officiating crew  up until finals and then will have a 3-person officiating crew as well. The tournament committee has attempted to bring together the best high school hockey teams and officials in order to make this tournament a continued success.

14.   Penalties: Minor – 2 minutes; Major – 5 minutes; Misconduct – 10 minutes. Players receiving a Major penalty for fighting will be automatically ejected from the game and will be suspended from playing in the next tournament game. A “third man in” penalty will also automatically result in ejection from the game and 1 game suspension. There is no appeal process concerning suspensions during the tournament. CHECKING FROM BEHIND penalties will be rigorously enforced. A 2-minute Minor will be accompanied by a misconduct. A 5-minute Major will be accompanied by a game Misconduct and ejection. To be clear, any player receiving five penalties of any duration during a game will be automatically suspended for the balance of the game, plus the next tournament game.

15.  Running time: Running time will be utilized during round robin play for games in which the goal differential is 5 goals or more, regardless of the period, until the goal differential is less than 5 goals. During the semifinals and championship games, running time shall occur during the 3rd period only, if necessary. Running time will continue during all penalties. It will stop for injuries, or a time-out.

    16.              Time outs: One 1 minute time out will be allowed for each team in each game. The time out should be called by the team captain or alternate.

17. No protests will be allowed. All decisions of the tournament committee will be final.

18.  Neither Loyola Academy High School, nor the Loyola Academy Hockey Club shall provide any medical insurance for participants, team officials, or fans. Medical facilities/area hospitals are available if needed. No on-site emergency medical staff will be available. Each team is asked to supply its own first aid equipment and support. Emergency medical assistance can be obtained by dialing 911.

19.  Please note that any abusive, offensive, lewd or profane language or conduct may result in the assessment of bench penalties.

20. Bench penalties will be assessed if objects are thrown on the ice.  The first episode of throwing objects on the ice shall result in a two minute bench penalty against the team whose fan or fans threw the object or objects.  The second such episode shall result in a five minute bench penalty.  In the event of a third episode, the game will be halted and the offending fan base will be required to leave the rink.